Monday, August 4, 2008

Elevator mural

With an eye to our future, we added an elevator to our building. At first we said we were doing it for our parents, and we were, but we also knew that there would come a day that we would need it as well. It's a residential elevator that will have stops on all three levels. Since there will be doors on two sides, and since the interior doors are glass, we decided to paint a mural in the elevator shaft. Actually, I have to give the credit for this idea to our contractor, Chad. When he suggested this idea I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to take on such a huge project....especially since I am not a mural painter. Obviously, as a potter, I lean more to three dimensional art. However, the idea grew on me and I decided to attempt a representation of everything that has ever occupied the building. Over the years, between the different floors, the property has housed everything from a barbershop to attorney's offices. I'm over half way to completion. I'm excited about getting it finished(I'm on my way to work on it as soon as I finish this post). I think it's a neat way to honor our building's past. I'll post more pictures when it's finished.

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