Sunday, August 3, 2008

The beginning

This is my first blog! I started this blog in order to share information about Pottery 101. A few years ago my husband Ted and I began dreaming about buying a building in downtown Salisbury, NC. We thought it would be an affordable way to have a pottery studio and gallery if we put a loft apartment upstairs and lived there. We also thought living downtown would be really cool! Soon, dreaming about owning a downtown building turned into actively looking for a downtown building. We looked at several but, for various reasons, none worked. Finally, in August of 2007, our dream building came available. We leased it for six months and purchased it in March of 2008. Thus begins our journey and basis for this blog. We were excited, and not just a little nervous, to begin this journey. One of the most amazing things about this project has been the outpouring of support from our community for what we are doing. I will do my best to update this blog regularly. It will be nice to have a record of the renovation process. It already looks tremendously different than it did when we bought it. I will add pictures from beginning to soon as I figure out how to do so......I did say this is my first blog:)

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Jim Cowan said...


Thank you for offering a healthy, smoke-free environment and joining the Smoke Free Rowan campaign. Your certificate and "static cling" window decal will be on their way to you shortly.