Sunday, August 24, 2008


Things are changing quickly at 101 S. Main St. As we near completion of our upstairs residence I remember that we also have a pottery studio and gallery to complete. We hope to be up and running before the holidays. This is an ambitious goal but one that we feel is necessary.

The floors upstairs are in the finishing process. They receive their third coat of poly. in the morning. Later in the week the lighting fixtures will be installed.

The focus now moves to the exterior and the retail level. Workers are currently remaking the faux mansard style roof on the front and side of the building and work continues on the storefront.


whit said...

This is such a good documentation of the changes you've made and the feeling of the finished project - tasteful and dramatic - that I don't think you need to hesitate to invite artists to be part of the gallery!

Sara said...

I think that the floors are my favorite part.. I'm in love!