Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Elevator mural completed

The elevator mural is finished. While acknowledging all of the businesses that have occupied the building, I wanted to recognize the fact that it is now also a residence. I did this by adding a pot at the top with the inscription "Goins House, Est. 2008". Some of the other things that it has been over the years is a grocery store, a building and loan, a restaurant, a confectionary, a jewelry store and, just prior to renovation, a soccer supply shop. The upstairs, soon to be our home, used to house accounting, law and insurance offices. For many years there was a huge Pilot Life Insurance sign on the roof. You can just barely see it in the 1928 picture at the bottom of this page. Going by pictures that we have of the building through the years we know that this sign was up there for at least 30 years. It's gone now but has been recreated in the elevator shaft.

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whit said...

This looks great! The arch drawings will tell your artists what's coming. Way to go!